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Asia Region Biennial IASC Meeting on “Redefining Diversity and Dynamics of Natural Resource Management in Asia”


Asian Regional Biennial IASC meeting at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), was inaugurated by President of AIT at AIT Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand. There were over 50 participants from Asian Region having experiences of research and practical implementation of the common resources management. The participant countries include Indonesia, Nepal, India, Thailand, The Philippines, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherland, and USA.

Prof. Ganesh Shivakoti, Director of Ocean, introduced the themes of the conference that have focus on the natural resources management for resources conservation as well as equitable distribution among the people of all levels. The Conference Themes include;

  1. Understanding diversity in Governing the natural resources
  2. Community forestry and social ecological system
  3. Community irrigation and robustness challenges
  4. Climate Change, Natural Resources Dynamics and Land use challenges

Among these sessions of themes, several speakers and panel discussions were integrated to reinforce the themes on dynamics of natural resources management. The themes discussed in the conference were quite relevant in the context of growing population and depleting natural resources in Asian Region.

The inaugural speech of President of AIT, Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai is included herewith along with the agenda of the Conference. Those interested for further information on the conference, please contact to:

Ostrom Center for Advanced Natural Resources Management, AIT


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