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January 27th, 2014
Water Resource

Water Resource

The FMIS Trust, formally established on 7 June 1998, is recognized as a non-governmental entity under the provisions of the Association Registration Act 1977. It is registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu of the Home Ministry of Government of Nepal. The Trust is affiliated with the Social Welfare Coordination Council. The organization and operations of the Trust are guided by the Constitution of the Trust. According to the provisions of the Constitution of the Trust, the Trust financial status is audited annually as required by the provision of the Act. Trust is required to be renew its registration each fiscal year.

The organization of FMIST is composed of Executive Committee and the Friends of FMIST. The Friends of FMIS is composed of individuals recognized by the executive committee decision on the written or verbal expression of interest to be member in the Friends of FMIST group. Hence, a person or an organization engaged for development, promotion and research of FMIS can be member of the Trust. It acts as General Assembly and holds meeting once a year to discuss on organizational, programs and financial matters. At present, following persons are the valued members of the “Friends of FMIS”

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