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National Activities

July 2019
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Interaction with village people related to FMIS

Interaction with village people related to FMIS

1. Encourage mid-career professional to record their experiences on FMIST

FMIST encourages mid-career professionals to record their working experiences in FMIS. These experiences are shared among the peer groups, university students and other interested groups of the individuals.

2. Encourage graduate students of the universities within Nepal and outside to write master thesis

They are encouraged to write thesis on the issues of FMIS and provide them funding support for field work.Trust has provided Field Work Support Scholarships to the students for masters’ degree thesis writing in different fields of FMIS.

Irrigating Agricultural Land

Irrigating Agricultural Land

Following students were awarded scholarships:

S.N. Theme Discipline Affiliated Institute Name of student Year
 1. Sedimentation process in Nepali rivers and consequences. Civil Engineering Institute of Engineering, Lalitpur Mr. Bholo Chhatkuli 2001
 2. Indigenous knowledge and practice of FMIS: A case study of Dandakhet Kulo of Batakachaur VDC, Baglung. Anthropology Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu Mr. Lal Bahadur Pun 2001
3. Role of gender in Sali Nadi Irrigation management (Thesis for (MS) Economics/Gender Study IWMI Nepal Ms. Shuku Pun 2001
 4. Comparative study of multi-purpose and single-purpose WUAs Agriculture Science Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand Ms. Komal Kumari Magarati 2003
5. “Reviving Boshan Khola Irrigation Project by Rehabilitating Head Works and Strengthening Institutional Capability” Engineer Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur Chandra Bhusan Dutta,Himalaya Poudel,Netra Prasad Bohara,Dhruba Raj Paudyal 2005

3. Development of methodology to prepare inventory of FMIS in Nepal

It was felt necessary to know how many units of FMIS exist and its status. A one page questionnaire incorporating physical, agriculture, social and institutional characteristics was prepared for the irrigation inventory preparation. A collaborative exercise with the district units of National Federation of Water Users Association of Nepal (NFWUAN) took place for piloting of inventory preparation. Technical assistance as well as nominal financial support was provided by FMIST. The district units of NFWUAN contributed time and manpower for this pilot exercise.

4. Provide support to international students undertaking research activities on FMIS in Nepal.

Members of FMIST provided support to the international students from other universities. The library of FMIST is made open to them.


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